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In order to ensure you a pleasant and productive fishing session, with respect for the fish, the place and other carp anglers, we ask you to read the rules below.

Anyone fishing will be deemed to have read the above regulations.

No violation of this regulation will be tolerated. The equipment may be checked during the session.

In case of violation found, no refund will be made and you will be immediately expelled from the domain.


  • Mandatory "no-kill" fishing : all caught fish are returned to the water in the best possible conditions.

  • 3 rods maximum per fisherman . Remember to raise your canes if you are away!

  • Priming boilies only .

  • Fishing boats, remote-controlled boats and drones prohibited.

  • Main body diameter 30 hundredths / mainline 15lb minimum .

  • Line resistance: greater than 4kg.

  • Blocked assemblies and blocking of leaks prohibited: no braid leader, neither helicopter assembly, nor hooks on 360 ° swivel . Only assemblies allowing the easy release of lead in the event of breakage are authorized.

  • Hooks with barbs / crushed barbs / micro-barbs prohibited . Barbless hook of mandatory origin.

  • Mandatory XL landing mat (large population of fish + 20kg).

  • Conservation bags / hampers prohibited.

  • Micro-mesh net landing nets, minimum opening: 90 cm .

  • Biwys, umbrellas, arbors and canteens in green or camouflage compulsory.


  • Arrivals on Saturday morning, between 8h and 12h. Departures 10h. No early arrival will be possible, please make your arrangements.

  • The main entrance gate to the site must ALWAYS be closed (animals on the site) .

  • Non-fisherman / dog companions prohibited .

  • It is forbidden to disturb the life of the reserve in any way (noise, vehicle traffic, too strong night lighting ...).

  • Prohibition to move by car on the site : cars must be parked at the posts and will only be used for your trips outside the site (shopping ...).

  • Trash must be placed in the appropriate containers ( 2 sorted garbage spaces at the entrances to the site and garbage cans in common areas) - be careful not to throw your cigarette butts in the wild!

  • Swimming prohibited .

  • Excess alcoholic beverages / consumption of narcotic drugs prohibited.

  • Ban on mutilating / scarifying carp.

We decline any responsibility in the event of accident, theft or material damage.

Each fisherman must also hold public liability insurance.

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