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Les étangs de la Carrière !


Les étangs de la Carrière are located in Normandy, halfway between Caen and Lisieux (France).


This private domain is fully enclosed and renowned for its calm and tranquility.


It is made up of 4 ponds of water of 16, 12, 7.5 and 6.5 hectares over which 23 posts are entirely reserved for carp anglers (18 double posts and 5 triple posts).



For the comfort of carp anglers, toilets and showers are available as well as two kitchen areas equipped with refrigerators and gas stoves.



Open to carp anglers since 1996, the place has a very large herd of mirror carp, common carp, fully and white loves over 20 kg. The record so far stands at a catch of 28 kg!


You can also have the chance to climb one of the 600 Koïs carps introduced between 2015 and 2017.


Thanks to Walter Bogaert for his photographs and aerial views of the place.

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